Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's Official

1) I've started a stash. I was always one of those people who thought stashes were silly because, hello, why not just buy what you want when you are ready to knit it. But then I started reading knitting blogs and got all sorts of ideas and then Yarny emerged and the rest, as they say, is history.

Last week I went online yarn shopping (because the $300 I've spent at LYSs in the past week and a half was just NOT enough) and found some cheap (60% off cheap) acrylic machine wash yarn that I can use for socks for Boo* and all those friends who I could make socks for but are not knitters and thus would balk at hand washing socks. Viola:

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At least I think you could make socks from this yarn. If I am wrong, well, I'm not going to think about that. We'll just pretend that I am right even if I'm not, k? K! Since I was shopping online anyway, I went looking for the yarn for El Noro. I found it ...

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... it, and another neat yarn which would make pretty socks for me ...

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Again, I am assuming you could make socks from this yarn. Maybe I should seek professional assistance or advise. Hmm ... In the meantime, I've placed the stash in a dark corner of a closet where it is unlikely to come under the scrutiny of Boo.

2) One of the things I have eaten recently should have killed me. In recent days I have consumed:

  • a bakery cranberry orange muffin with a raw inside (man did that gushy bit tasted good though);
  • a coffee shop jumbo cookie with raw middle (more gushy yuminess);
  • a salad with creamy ranch dressing that sat in a hot car for two hours before I ate it (tasted fine); and,
  • a handful of pretzels left sitting on mail from an inmate at the inmate mental hospital (lord only knows what was on that man's hands as he penned that letter)

Nonetheless, it was the eggplant from a local pizza place that I had today for lunch that has turned me green. I don't know what to do with myself - my stomach just feels so WRONG.

* An aside: For some reason Boo is totally not into me knitting stuff for him. He was tres excited when my aunt knitted him a hat, scarf, and afghan so I thought he would be excited if I knit him something. Not so much. In fact, last night I measured his foot for sock making purposes and he wouldn't move so that I could verify that my measurement** was accurate - the tv show he was watching (on the seven ways outer space is going to kill earth) was too intriguing. WTF? Shouldn't he be psyched about the thought of something handmade from his dear sweet wife? He may need to be pinched. Though on the upside, this means I can make more stuff for me without feeling shitty about neglecting him.

** An aside to my aside (this could get ridiculous): If my measurements ARE accurate then his mens size 12 foot is only ONE INCH bigger than my ladies size 10. Um, hello?? If I wear mens shoes I need an 8 and so this means that each size up is only a quarter of an inch. That seems too small!

To Move or Not, That is the Question

Oooops! Somehow I posted the title before I added the text - one more reason why I am questioning whether I want to move here for my blogging or if I want to stay at LiveJournal. Argh!?! What to do. The Internet seems to feel this is a better service and that I (well someone who knows what they are doing) will be able to customize more stuff over here which is REALLY appealing because I like customizing. But, on the other hand, I know what I am doing over a LJ and don't have a clue here. Shizzle. I guess I'll give this a week.

And, while I figure out what I am doing, I will leave you with this ...