Friday, December 24, 2010

Mission Impossible

Continuing my sometimes tactless, yet amusing to me, tradition, I present Tom Cruise:

He is a beautiful full tree who actually looks quite tall ... until you get up close and personal and realize, not so tall after all.

The funny thing about Tree Tom Cruise is that we searched high and low for a ten to twelve foot tree to cut down ourselves. Only when we couldn't find one, did we go to a pre-cut place where they said Tom Cruise was ten feet tall. Ha! We were obviously desensitized by all of the short trees we had previously seen because at the time he seemed quite tall. When the husband and I got him in the stand without arguing, I realize that something was amiss. By the time we had him situated in the living room, I realized we had been had. Tom Cruise is a shorty!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

This is Getting Old

Today I've spilled two large cups of coffee and a gigundo glass of ice tea. It makes me think the Universe is trying to tell me something ... I'm over hydrated??

Saturday, December 18, 2010


This is the first year that Jillian is really getting the Santa thing. Actually that's not true. She doesn't really get it. Let's say she is somewhat aware that there is a guy named Santa and that the soccer ball she wants, well she needs to ask him to give it to her. It was along these lines that we had a discussion on how, exactly, she was going to get that soccer ball from Santa.

J1: Where does Santa live?
Me: In the North Pole.
J1: Is Santa gonna drive a car to our house? In my car?
Me: No. Santa rides on a sled.
J1: A sled???
Me: Yes. He has a special sled that is pulled by reindeer. Santa and the reindeer take the sled from house to house and land on people's roofs. Then Santa slides down the chimney and puts your presents under the Christmas tree so you can find them on Christmas morning.
J1: HAHAHAHAHA. No Mommy! That's silly! You're silly Mommy! HAHAHAHA!