Sunday, September 24, 2006


The 80's called, it said it wants it socks back; I told it to piss off!

Actually, to be honest, these slouch socks are more early 90's to me, but you get my gist, yes? In any event, I really don't care because I totally love em.

In fact, I love them so much, I already wore them out!

Is it just me, or do I look a little bow-legged in that picture? Anywho, yesterday morning I tried casting them off at my morning SnB but I was not so pleased with the results. They were rolling. Me no likey. There was talk of blocking. Me really no likey. I ended up going to the LYS that I took the class at and working with the owner on how I should cast them off. She was very nice and helpful and she ended up teaching me a new way to cast off and doing it TWICE because the first time it wouldn't fit over my big fat foot. As soon as I got home I cast off the second one. I immediately put them on and wore them around the house. JJ and I went out to dinner (yum, pad thai) and I wore them out with my ratty ole sneakers.* These socks felt fantastic on my feet, despite being a little too big. They reminded me of these Brooks Brothers cashmere socks I purchased several years ago (in a fit of lunacy because hey, $40 for socks is great because they are half off! I should buy two pair! It's like I'm getting one pair for free!). I am thinking that I need to invest in a pair of cool sneakers ... like some Chuck Taylors.

I mean after all, these are HAND KNITTED socks, don't they deserve something better than some dog-chewed sneakers?

*Did you know sneakers were given the name "sneakers" because the rubber soles allowed people to quietly walk, or sneak, up to people? Actually, I just totally made that up. But wouldn't it be neat if it was true. I wonder why they really are called sneakers.

Yarn: Lorna Laces, Shepherd Sock (color 112, Sand Ridge, dye lot 9126), 2 skeins
Needles: Addis size 2
Pattern: Toe-up on 2 Circs, from my Gazzillion Dollar Sock Class, with a stockinette ribbing for the leg.
Time: 4 weeks
Care: Machine washable

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