Monday, September 25, 2006

Green Goodness

For some unknown reason I seem to be on a green kick. I guess it isn't too unknown since green is my favorite color (because I am like eight years old and still have a "favorite color"). I wore a green tee shirt the other day, and then today I worn a green sweater (unusual because my wardrobe is mostly "earth tones" and it is hard to wear so much green so quick, but then, not so unusual because I am in desperate need of some clean laundry and don't have much to choose from), and I have started on some green socks.

Note these shirts were all folded using the Amazing Laundry Voodoo technique. And, yes! More sockage! I know.

I should try something different. I only have like a bazillion things I want to knit. But the socks thing? It is addictive. I've decided that I should always have one pair of socks OTN and since I enjoyed the toe-up ones from my class, I figured I start another pair. Also, this seems (somewhat) fiscally responsible since I am actually using the knowledge I learned in my class (compare this with law school ... just kidding!).

These babies are being knitted with Koigu, as opposed to the Lorna Laces. I am hoping that they will feel as divine on my feet as the others do. And, like last time, I am doing them at the same time: toe/toe, foot/foot, heel/heel, and leg/leg. This system seems to work for me. It means the socks look more like a pair - remember the red ones that I did individually? Oy!

So, I sat down to start my green socks, and I first had to ball my yarn (booooo, hissss). I did the first one by myself and enlisted Boo's help for the second. He was not really into it. I tried to keep him happy, "Look babe! I'm a baller! Um, get it? Yarn - baller?" My jokes, they were not funny. Nonetheless, it went much quicker with human help, even if said help was not thrilled to be helping. So, now that I had my yarn all balled and ready to go, I whipped out my needles - and this is where the weird thing happens. Remember how I bought four sets of Addis so I could work both socks at once ...

One from one shop and three from another? Well, they all say size two on the packaging:

See! We agree, those are definitely twos -2's- on the labels yes? So why, when I measure them, are they ALL threes?

As you can see, I measured with two different thingamajigs and got the same results. This is so weird to me since they were not even purchased at the same place?!? This is the oddest damn thing. I just don't get it. And, I KNOW that those are the right packagings because a) I have no other small Addi's (in fact, I only have one other pair, a size five) and b) I keep all the packaging together with my project and these are the packages that were with my yarn. I really am stumped. Stumped, but using the needles anyway! Sockward, ho!

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