Friday, September 01, 2006

I Cried

Today I drank a Diet Pepsi and I cried. Madre LOVED Pepsi. She wouldn't drink Coke, or Diet Coke or any other colas. Only Pepsi or Diet Pepsi. I always hated Pepsi but growing up, whenever I was at BeFri's, Diet Pepsi was the drink of the day. If I showed up with a partially consumed can of Diet Coke, Madre would give me so much grief. Oh the ick faces she would make. They were always accompanied with threats of tossing me and my sub-standard soda out on our ears. Today I was at a restaurant and ordered a Diet Coke. I received a Diet Pepsi. I burst into tears after the first sip.

I wanted to tell my aunt how much it hurt, to vent at the unfairness of losing two moms. Then I realized it was three and I cried some more.

Later, I decided to lose myself in knitting and t.v. I turned on some Dog Whisperer and pulled out my scrumptious scarf. I gave my yarn a tug and the whole middle came out in a lump. I knew it was bad. I started to try to untangle the knot. It wasn't working. The knot grew as did the mess. I thought, "I should ask my aunt what to do" and I cried again. Four hours later, I had made NO progress with the knot and I cried again.