Friday, October 20, 2006

The Things We Do For Yarn

Me: Ya know, Rhinebeck is this weekend.
Boo: Huh.
Me: Like, in two days.
Boo: Hmm.
Me: And, yah know, there is going to be A LOT of yarn. Tons of stuff I could buy.
Boo: Huh.
Me: Aaannnnnddddd, if you wanted, I could maybe look for something to knit you. Buy some yarn for a project for you.
Boo: Huh.
Me: I'll bet the yarn is going to be expensive though.
Boo: Hmm.
Me: Dude.
Boo: Huh?
Me: I must be being too subtle. I was thinking maybe you could help, yah know, support the yarn addiction. Be an enabler?
Boo: (gets his money clip out of his pocket, pulls out one dollar) Here.
Me: Come on. Can't you do better than that? (whining) Pllleeeeeaaassseeee. I was thinking there might be like two extra zeros after that one.
Boo: (chuckling) Baby, there are four more where that came from.
Me: Pardon?
Boo: But yah gotta earn it.
Me: What? (gasp) You want me to have sex with you for FIVE DOLLARS?

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