Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Before I begin to prattle on about socks (because boy, I am about to prattle), I want to thank y'all for the kind wishes. I loved my father-in-law very much and the last week has sucked a big bag of dicks. The notes, calls, messages, flowers and such have helped it suck a little less. That being said, to the anonymous commenter who left a new comment on an old post and indicated that liberals hate me, thanks! You're all class. Nothing like telling someone she sucks when she is grieving. Like you couldn't bookmark my site and save the hate for next week? Hope you feel good about yourself. Why don't you learn what the term South Park Republican means (try a simple Google search or check it out on Wikipedia) before you decide to hate someone. Fucker.

And, um, now back to the thanks. To the (unknown to me) person who sent me a subscription to Bon Appetit, Thanks! I got the first issue and read it on the drive to Jersey. Loved it.

So, socks. Oh socks. I think I may have mentioned awhile back my sock longness issue. I shall now share, via a photo-essay, what I did about it. Or, in other words, I shall now share why I need a new job since I have way too much time on my hands at work.

As you know, I have ripped these babies back to ridiculous lengths and yet they still seem to grow and grow.

Do you see the size of that gusset and heel flap? That bitch is longer than the foot part of the sock!!!

I know, I shall start to rip from the toe so I do not have to re-do the heel crap flap a fifth time.

Wait, this is taking way too long. The tail is getting tangled because I am ripping from the "wrong" end and I can't pull it through. Hmmmm ...

Shit! Maybe I should have had caffeinated Diet Coke. It is obvious lack of caffeine convinced me to CUT MY SOCK!

Oh well! In for a penny in for a pound.

I guess it really is too late to turn back now.

You gotta be fucking kidding me! That wasn't enough? It is STILL TOO LONG?!?

Fine, I'm resigned. Universe you have beat me down. I shall cut and rip some more.

Great, now I have needles at both ends. I don't know if I am coming or going.

Okay, toe knitted, kitchenered and done! Back to the leg.

Wait, I have to do this on the other sock now! Wash, rinse, repeat. Oy!

So, it is after many froggings and way too much time, that I present to you my Finally Finished Toe-Up Jaywalkers. Ta-da!

I got to tell you, I am disappointed in these damn things. They don't have a lot of give and are a little hard to get over my heel. If my feet swell up, I am in trouble. They are not as soft and yummy as my other Koigu socks. And, they are also a little short for my preference. Had I not been picky about the length of the foot, I wouldn't have had enough yarn for even half of the leg length. As it is, I barely had enough yarn left to weave in at the end. But it is all good, they are done.

Yarn: Koigu, KPPM (dye code P525 dye lot 40), 2 skeins
Needles: Addis, size 1
Pattern: Toe-Up Jaywalkers
Time: Forever. I started one toe in October 2006 and then put it aside. I started them again as a side project and worked on them here and there until recently.
Care: Hand wash, dry flat


Claire said...

Wow, you poor thing - those damnable socks!! They ARE beautiful, but it sucks that they aren't soft & cushy and just a joy to put on. :( Next time, it'll be better. It HAS to be!! :)

The Woolgatherer said...

You are much, much braver than I am...I would have just hid that project under the bed and tried to forget about it! But they look great! Way to stick with it.