Monday, March 26, 2007

I Don't Remember Killing A Puppy

But my knitting karma, it is currently in the crapper!

Crapper? Crapper!

What we have here is a stupid, stupid sock. For to fit the heel, it must gape at the foot.

Gape? Gape!

I am so disgusted I could just spit. How in the hell is this suppose to work? There is not a lot of give since you are knitting it sideways (hence the name "sideways sock"), so you have to make it bigger to fit over the heel. But if you make it fit over the heel, you have a foot part so large, you could house a family of hamsters - while you are wearing the damn sock! Mind you, I only grasped the size of the problem AFTER I kitchenered up the fifty-two stitches that comprise the entire foot section. It took an hour. I need some vodka.

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