Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Don't Smell

So the Anastasia socks have been flying along. Okay, that's not true. Why must I start every post with a lie? What the hell? It's like I am channeling Fletcher Reede. Oh, and no, those pants do not make your ass look fat. And Crazy? Your hair looks fabulous.

The socks are moving along, though there has been much ripping. I had a hard time finding the perfect number of stitches that would satisfy both fit and aesthetics. The stitches for a perfect fit created gawd awful pooling with one half of the front and back being green and white and the other half being gray and purple. Not pretty. I suspect using smaller needles could have addressed this issue but my smaller needles are not mine yet. I did order some though and they are in transit. In the meantime, I ended up reverting back to a higher number of stitches, and trying to knit uber tight. As I am a loosey goosey knitter (which is in no way - hehe - whatsoever - hehe - a reflection on my morality ... man I couldn't even get that sentence out without laughing), this is actually somewhat hard for me to do. I don't think this tightening of the stitches makes any real or noticeable difference in the socks; they don't feel any smaller. But it does make me feel better.

I've also had to rip because the pattern is just a smidge too mindless or not mindless enough. I'm not sure which. I get in a groove with all of that stockinette and then bam, I realize I've overshot my yarn overs. I think if I had more patterny stuff then I wouldn't flake out and miss it so much. On the other hand, if I had more patterny stuff, I might be ripping out messed up patten. Either way, I've had some ripping. I also had issue switching directions and stitches for the other sock. I typically mirror what I am doing with the other sock so it is toe, toe, foot, foot, heel, heel, etc. But I did the entire foot and heel before starting the other so my brain keeps wanting to send the spirals the wrong way. I guess I have a one track mind. Errg. That was awful. Anywho, I am enjoying the knitting of these socks a lot.

And, in other news, can I just tell you how friggen disgusted I am with the media for blaming the horror at VaTech on the university and police? On my way to work this morning, which, as an aside, took an extra thirty minutes due to people gawking at the flooding. Not actually driving through or coming in contact with the flooding or even the edge of the flooding, but just looking at because GOD DAMN! There's WATER! Anyway, as I was stuck in the car surrounded by asses, I channel surfed and every single one of my six preset FM stations and my one preset AM station was stating that the university and the police should have done more to prevent the shooting spree. There was even a poll asking who was at fault, other than the shooter. Um, what the fuck?

Why is anyone other than the shooter at fault? I mean, do we really expect the police and university people to have psychic powers and know that the first two shootings were not the typical domestic incident they seemed like? Were they suppose to divine that this fucker was going to go on a rampage? And furthermore, why was university's sending out of an e-mail "ridiculous"? Because students "sleep in"? Are you kidding me? That is just dumb. Using that logic, if the ones who didn't read the e-mail were sleeping in, then they weren't out and about and in the line of fire and were safe. It is understandable to want to place blame and have a bad guy. But as the person/entity that is delivering the news, you need to stick with the facts and report the news, not get caught up in the anger and outrage and look for a patsy.

Don't misunderstand. If the shooter hadn't killed himself, then I would be the first in line saying he should die. Hell, I personally would flip the switch, plunge the needle, load the camber, or fashion the noose. Why? Because he was the fuckwit that did this. Not the police. Not the university. One twisted sick individual did this and the blame for these deaths and the horror that remains rests solely on his shoulders.

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Rebecca said...

That lady at Wool Connection used to say that being a loose knitter was a reflection on your morality. But I never liked her anyway.