Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I just wrote a post which was a psuedo-fictional letter to Vonage wherein I used the word fuck seventeen times. I ripped the customer service for making me call twice and wait over 25 minutes total, just to tell me that they don't know if I am telling the truth when I say I never opened an account so the fraud department has to investigate as to whether it should close an account I never opened. Hard to follow? Yah, I thought so too. Let's just say Vonage = asshole. Needless to say all seventeen fucks were warranted. I could probably even justify another five or six.

But I am not an angry person (ha!) so I decided to shelve the venom. For now. We'll have to wait to see what "the fraud department" does. In the meantime, I am preparing for a party. An office party. Yes my lovlies, it is one of those times when the moons align, the stars part, and the sun sprinkles its kisses ... it is time for an office par-tay. This party is to wish our Law Clerk sayonara. For the record, and for your Japanese language skills refresher, I initially typed konnichiwa which is wrong, wrong, wrong. Konnichiwa = Hello. Sayonara = Goodbye (long term). Since LC is never coming back, she is sayonara. If Vonage keeps up its crap customer service it will be sayonara too.

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Rebecca said...

If you decide to drop Vonage, a friend of mine works for another VOIP, Broadvoice. You could try them out.