Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Houston, We Have A Pilikia

Since I am still avoiding the Kangaroo Sweater (and foolishly harboring the delusion that the knitting gnomes are going to come along any second now and finish it for me ... Note to self: knitting a sweater on size four needles = dumb, dumb, dumb!), I needed something new and exciting to work on.

Say hello aloha to my Queen Kahuna socks.

What? Why are you cringing? Laughing? Snorting? Is something wrong? Oh, yes! The horns. Yah baby! My socks are horny! Actually, I have no idea why my socks are horned either. Apparently South Park Republicans don't know how to follow directions properly. Needless to say, that was merely a rough draft. One of like, five.

I ended up reverting back to my regular cast on, but kept the Queen Kahuna fan toe. There is still a little horniness, but it is only slightly horny (say 300 versus Debbie Does Dallas). If I fuss with the inside of the sock, I can kind of get rid of the horns. So it is a horniness I can live with, for myself, I mean, I wouldn't give this horny sock to someone else. That would be hewa!

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Anonymous said...

do you know why it did that?