Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Know Where I'm Going

Last night at SnB I was asked where in Atlanta I was going. Having Pookie refer to his 'hood as the Gayborhood, I replied, "The gay part?" Turns out I was right! No need to put that question mark at the end. But, it also turns out that his part of town in not actually called Gayborhood Atlanta. I know! Can you believe it? It is called Midtown Atlanta. So let it be known to one and to all that, according to Pookie, knower of all things Hotlanta, Midtown is where the affluent gay boys (and presumably girls) live and Buckhead is where the affluent straight boys (and presumably girls) live.

Also, you'll be happy to note, that not only do I now know I am going to be surrounded my some hot man on man love, I know what our plan is. People we have a plan! Actually we have multiple plans (as opposed to multiple orgasms which may or may not be occurring but are not, as of yet, on the group itinerary).

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