Monday, May 14, 2007

No Beach For You

I'd like to tell you that the Joisey shore was wonderful. But it wasn't. No, the damn thing was closed ... for bomb removal. For real! Yah! What the hell is that all about? Apparently when they rebuilt/replenished the beach, they did it with old munitions. The whole thing is odd. I mean, do we have bombs along our entire coast? And also, I don't understand why the devices didn't detonate when they were drug up to shore to rebuild the beach. Anywho.

Even with out the ocean beachfront closed, we still had a nice time. Especially Dogert, who still managed to go for a swim ... in the bay. Which was not a pre-approved swim. She may have just taken a running leap and dove in head first. I may have stared at her in horror for a few minutes before ordering her out. Then I may have laughed. I might not be the best dog mom in the world. But, I am the best sock knitter in my family. Which I can say with the utmost sincerity as I am the only sock knitter in my family!

And, being my sock knitting self, I finished my Queen Kahuna socks while we were in Joisey. Kind of befitting, yes? The shore ... the beach ... Kahuna ... never mind. It works in my head. I had to use the directions to finish the second sock being that my memory, not so good. So it slowed me down a bit. That and the fact that I summarized the directions on a handy dandy post-it note which was only seventy percent legible. But they were still a quick knit, heck, they're only a footie/ped/ankle sock, there isn't much to 'em.

My favorite brother-in-law watched me knit and was horrified that it took me a WHOLE WEEK to knit a sock. I explained that if I didn't have a job, I could probably do a pair in a few days, but that was equally horrifying to him. He actually said, "Doesn't a real sock take only minutes to make." I think I blanched. I know I felt faint. He quickly said that he didn't mean that my socks were not real. That obviously my hand knit sock was real. "Just, you know." Yah, I know. But it was too late. He may be my favorite, but he's not getting any hand knit socks!

Which might not be a bad thing because I had an issue, an embarrassing issue, an issue that makes me feel a little dirty. I had a return of the ladders. On both socks! I don't know why. I used all of the tricks. But they appeared anyway. I haven't had a ladder in quite some time. I'm hoping this was just a fluke. The yarn, upset because I call it dirty-looking, decided to mess with me. Something other than I suck.

I asked Boo to come outside and take some pictures of my socks for me before we left (while everyone laughed at my request), thinking that the change of scenery in my sock pictures might be nice. My MiL has all sorts of pretty flowers and stuff in the back yard but the shadows turned out to be killers. Also, my family is a bit whack. The minute a camera is out, everyone wants to play and ham it up.

Needless to say, the sock picture taking quickly disintegrated into a picture free for all with cameras and cell phones and such. Which turned out to be amusing because in all of the pictures, I'm clutching my socks. So even though I was mocked (yah Favorite, I'm talking to you!) for taking pictures of my socks, everyone else took pictures of my socks too!

Which in a way is a kind of sweet revenge for having my ass handed to me at Rummy 500. You might have killed me at cards with your wonky scoring and strange rules that make NO SENSE because DUDE! This is rummy, not UNO, I don't need to tell you if I only have one card left. And I can pick up the one card at the end of the pile without using it right then. And if you laid down three of a kind, I can lay down the fourth. And ... I could go on, but I'll spare you. Just know that the Joisey rules for rummy suck balls. And if you are a rummy champ in normal circles, you won't be in those Joisey ones. Oh, and wine won't help make the rules more clear. Neither will a toasted almond ice cream bar. Nothing makes these rules not suck. But I digress. Where was I? Ahh yes, my revenge, ha! All of the pictures, the nice "family" pictures, have my socks in them. Front and center. Wah haha!

Yarn: Opal, Rodeo, Farbe 1154, Partie 3, 1/2 a skein
Needles: Addi Circs, size 2.5 mm (US 1)
Pattern: Queen Kahuna
Time: 11 days.
Care: Machine wash, dry flat.


KnittingJones said...

Love the socks! And your trip reminds me of an old lawyer joke: Why does New Jersey have more toxic waste dumps and New York have more lawyers?

New Joisey had first choice!

Kathy said...

Nice socks! I have been thinking of making some "shorties". Yours turne out very nice. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and your nice comment. Come back anytime! (And, yes, if you don't have to work, you knit lots more!! I am newly retired, and should know.)