Thursday, May 17, 2007

No Progress, Yet

I decided to take all y'all's (shout out to my southern roots!) advice and go up a needle size to US 2/3mm needles on the Messrs. Monkey. This will work for my current yarn because it is a bit thicker, but not so much for the Lorna Laces I picked out for my sock pal. Because I can't just leave things alone, and because I know I can't go up a needle size on my sock pal's pair, I also mucked with the pattern, adding a few stitches here and there. All of this would have been quite brilliant, if I had been completely sober when I started knitting all of my fancy new adjustments.

But you see, a friend was celebrating her birthday/big work project completion and I wanted to take her out for some wine (yah, and let's take a moment to note that I am a cheap hag who rolls two celebrations into one ... boo! bad me!). I arrived a little early and so I had a wee bit of wine while I waited and ripped out the too small sock, and then I had a wee bit more when she arrived, and then, next thing you know, my mad crazy math skillz were mad crazy gone. Some might argue that I have no mad crazy math skillz to lose, and to them I say, shut it!

It is almost embarrassing to admit that after three hours of SnB (and a latte and a liter bottle of water), I was finally able to, wait for it ... cast on the right number of stitches and get one, yes one, whole row of ribbing done! Am I a rockstar or what?


Seanna Lea said...

All of the knitters who claim to knit lace while drinking must have monster tolerance (or I have tolerance of a butterfly with a drinking problem), because I can't even imagine keeping everything straight if I had some wine, or in my case a margarita.

The Woolgatherer said...

Hmmm...didn't you help me with math last night too...maybe I should recheck that.

Anastacia said...

Too funny! And I admit to having certain problems knitting while having wine, too, though I often try! LOL