Monday, July 16, 2007


This weekend was a blur of inactivity sprinkled with times of rest. I think I slept and lounged more this weekend than I did during the entire week. I managed to leave my house occasionally. Saturday I went to breakfast knitting and Sunday I went out to dinner. Otherwise I was one with some horizontal surface. Dogbert is ready to disown me since her weekend foray into the wilderness was canceled so that I could concentrate on creating a perfect ass impression on the couch. Cat, however, was quite pleased with the lounging and napping and relaxing and planted himself on my lap so as to help my ass sink into the couch a little further and make that perfect ass impression. Though I mostly did nothing other than breathe, something I also worked on perfecting, my sock grew a little.

I am working on the Wild Kat sock, the pattern that came with June's Tofutsie limited edition color sock yarn. I think it is a sock club type of thing, but my LYS had it and I thought I would give it a try.

I am modifying the hell out of the pattern, making it a toe-up ped, with the lace pattern of the leg being the top part of the foot as opposed to the recommended ribbing and I'm using my own gusset/heel preference and have futzed with the stitch count so that it will fit my giganto foot. I really liked the pattern of the leg and had an insane itch to knit it, but didn't want a full sock. It could be because it feels as if I am knitting super fine thread with unbent staples (size US 0 needles). This is thin yarn and super skinny needles, and a row consists of a gagillion stitches. I suspect these peds will take the same amount of time it would take to knit a normal pair of socks so I definitely didn't see a full length sock in my future.

I did think about starting another pair of sideways socks before I whipped out the Tofutsies and even picked out a yarn form the stash. But I hesitated because the sideways sock and me, we don't seem to play well. As you may recall, the first (several) attempts went down in a fiery blaze and the second one was eaten by the ether. Is the third time the charm? I dunno, I'm going to ponder it. But in the meantime, I am going to work on the Tofutsies and practice napping.

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