Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Did I promise knitting content for today? Hahaha. Well you see there is this little thing that I forgot, that is to say, I may have needed to bind off my latest project and WHOOPS, don't ya know, I don't know how to do the picot bind off. Yet. Soooo, that is my project for this afternoon. Picot bind off. In the meantime, let me use a little razzle dazzle, huggle muggle, something or other to divert your attention from my lack of knitting ... Hey! Look! A Dog!

This is my Uncle's dog. His name is Precious. Why aren't you laughing yet? Okay, think The Silence of the Lambs ... Buffalo Bill ... Precious. Ha! Got it now? My aunt and uncle named their white toy poodle pup after a fictional serial killer's white toy poodle pup. Amusing, well, to me anyway. Having never seen the movie, they didn't get it and didn't want to hear about and his name is Precious because he is precious and that is the end of that so shut it. The dog is cute and yes, even precious when he isn't going all Jeffrey Dahmer on his toys, and I love him to bits and enjoy chewing on him, but his name is still ridiculous. So anyway, here is a cute little puppy, sitting on the porch, in South Florida, WEARING A SWEATER! If his name didn't make you giggle, shouldn't the fact that a dog, who has a fully functional fur coat, is wearing a sweater in the hottest place on earth get you to chuckle? No? Not so much. Damn, it is the sweater isn't it? Made you think of hand knit sweaters and my non-knittingness. Crap.

So, uh, you wanna hear about my experience at carmax (yah, I am naming names, you people SUCK so there) where a random appraiser attempted to bend me over and then NOT use vaseline? No? Okay! Okay! I'll go learn the picot bind off!


Brena said...

I hate the picot bind off. But that's possibly because I haven't taken the time to do it correctly.

barbp said...

Quit torturing the little dog and take the damn sweater off him.

Done? Good - now learn the picot thing so you can teach me sometime, eh?


KnittingJones said...

I just stayed at motel in Cape Cod where the cat was named "Norman". As in Bates.

ps I'm with you on picot.