Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crack Is Whack

Kay requested that I knit her this. I believe someone needs to stage an intervention. She is dipping her toes into the deep end of crazy!

And, in my plight to expand my own personal level of crazy, I managed to choke down an apple. One entire apple. My arm hair stood on end the entire time, and I maybe swallowed chunks of apple the size of golf balls which I can only hope my digestive system digests because otherwise, ouch. Despite my apple intake, I still have my lingering hack. And I also have TWO MORE APPLES. Mr. Cool is delivering them exponentially or something. I'm not sure I can survive this apple season.

I hope I do survive, because not only is Socktoberfest coming, but Sock Wars is too!


Kaylea said...

Correction. I never requested them for myself, but rather suggested them as a fun and entertaining project for you. :P

A South Park Republican said...

Revisionist history!

Rebecca said...

Damn you for tempting me with Sock Wars...but I managed to resist and not sign up. (Of course now I kinda regret it.) Are you doing it?

As for that head thing whatever it is, it would look great for anyone who goes around dressed like a Harajuku girl