Thursday, September 06, 2007


I love me some college football. Having grown up attending games of National Championship teams, first as a kid then as a student, this is not surprising. So, on Saturday as I sat watching my beloved Hurricanes whomp on some Marshall butt, I thought it might be fun to have a college football pool. I tried to convince my husband of this, but he thought that a college football pool would kick my ass when teams like Podunk U. played C. Fla. Not convinced of my NCAA prowess, he poohpoohed the idea but suggested a NFL pool (something about less teams to tax my brain, what-ever). Well things evolved and now we have a pool. A real pool in which several of his manly man sports smart friends have joined. A pool in which I plan to kick some ass and dominate. A pool in which I plan to win so that I can buy me some Clapotis yarn with all of this manly man money (and a little bit of money from my non-manly man friends who join)! Of course, my best laid plans often go wickety wack and all my trash talking might just be a prelude to me coming in dead ass last and forking $20 over to some testosterone ridden, addle brained fool. But that's okay, I think it's going to be fun. Even if I suck.

I tend to have a lot of fun doing things I totally suck at, like bowling and mini golf and playing HORSE and tennis. In fact, the suckier I am, the more fun I have and the more trash I talk, thus convincing people I am not so sucky and then ruining their expectations of some sort of competitive game when they see my true level of my suckdom. But by then it is already too late since they are in the middle of a game with me. Wahaha. It is all part of my master plan. Yah, as if I have a plan.

But seriously, I am so going to win this football pool. This isn't even me talking smack. I have until tonight to have my teams picked and you know what, I am already done. Yep, I have thoroughly researched (those Cowboy's kinda have a cute quarterback and those Ravens have a lot of Hurricane players) and made educated, well informed decisions (eeny, meeny, miny, moe). I am so ready to win me some yarn!

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