Monday, October 22, 2007

She Wasn't Kidding

So I've been chewing on this whole Halloween costume thing for Dogeralla, and I must really be stressed over it because last night I dreamed about the dog's costume. There are so many other good things I could be dreaming about (Brad Pitt, strawberry shortcake, remodeling my kitchen), that it was kind of a bummer. If was even a bigger bummer because the dream costume was a dud. I had dressed the dog as Mary from Mary Had Little Lamb and tied a stuffed lamb on a rope to her collar so that every where that Dogeralla went, the lamb "was sure to go." Except instead of walking in front of the judges, she kept chasing the lamb and chewing on it. ix-Nay on the ary-May costume.

Moral: Don't tie things to your dog.

I was explaining this to Kay and somehow the conversation morphed, as conversations are wont to do, into a conversation about people Halloween costumes and Kay shared with me an idea she recommended to her best friend. It is perhaps the worst costume idea I've ever heard, so I though I'd share it with you ...

Her: So I told her she should dress up as a tulip.
Me: Huh?
Her: You know a tulip? Wear a pink shirt, green pants, and tell people you are a tulip.
Me: That is the worst costume idea I've ever heard.


Rebecca said...

You know, I started misreading the bit about strawberry shortcake and for a moment thought you dreamt about the dog dressing as Strawberry Shortcake. If your dog is anything like mine, mine HATES having anything scented sprayed on her (she has "doggie perfume" for when she smells really bad and she runs away when she sees it). But it sure would be funny to dress the dog up as Strawberry Shortcake, fake strawberry smell and all.

SC said...

Just like to say...I too thought the Tulip was Ridiculously INSANE!!!

points to kay for coming up with it in like 2.5 secs though