Monday, December 24, 2007

T Minus 2 Hours and Counting

It turns out we are working a half-day today, which means we'll leave at noon. Which also means that the next two hours will be the longest two hours in the history of mankind. This is contrary to the rumors from when I was in law school that Business Associations with Prof. Larson was the longest two hours of any day, ever. In fact people joked that if they were diagnosed with a terminal disease they would sign up for that class to prolong their lives for as long as possible. To those jokesters I say, come on over here, feel what tedium is really like. Watching the clock is now a sport unto itself. And it's not just me. Everyone is kind of antsy, counting the minutes, planning holiday festivities, or lack thereof, and generally doing anything possible to avoid working. Including Crazy.

Yes, Crazy is one of the people watching the clock, looking for entertainment and she keeps seeking it in my office. Add to that that this year is the first year in the past five that she has decided to give me a Christmas gift and well, I feel like this is a form of torture the CIA needs to investigate, it leaves no external marks and is not fatal ... yet. And, in case that slid by you, yes people, Crazy gave me ANOTHER gift. If these keeps up, I might have to get a restraining order by the time Lady Bean pops out. Anywho, Crazy has given me a Christmas gift and wants me to open right now. Like now. This minute. Under normal circumstances, I prefer opening my gifts on Christmas. In these circumstances, i.e., unknown gifts from Crazy, gifts that she has already provided disclaimers for (e.g., if this one looks banged up, it's not, it's handmade), I definitely want the comfort of my own home, and maybe a bracing shot (or six) of Belvedere. I also want Boo and BiL5 as witnesses in case the whole damn thing is an incendiary explosive device. So far I have been able to put her off. We'll see how long that lasts.

After reading the last two paragraphs, I think I've just landed myself on some DHS watch list ... CIA ... torture ... incendiary explosive device. Mazel tov!

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The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog said...

I think someone needs a little egg nog. Hope you get through the day - quickly. Enjoy the time off!