Friday, April 18, 2008


I think we might be exiting the two week haze of figuring out this newborn-with-no-manual-ness. I may be jinxing myself by saying that but I have high hopes that we are going to have some routine at some point soon. Or maybe my brain is just delusional with having to function on snippets of sleep instead of full blown nights. Hell, I am finally reading my e-mail so that is a start. I'm not complaining. I revel in the little things.

And, I know this will surprise you, but I haven't been getting much knitting done lately. Any by much, I mean any. As in, my sock hasn't left my purse since it left the delivery room. That's not to say we haven't been indulging in hand-knits lately as Lady Bean has received some really cool hand-knits including teeny tiny socks from home-dyed yarn ... home dyed? That sounds hinky. There is a better, more proper term but my brain, it can't find it. Anywho, in addition to the teeny tiny socks, Lady Bean received a little sweater, hat and sock set from someone neither she nor her parents has ever met. The kindness of knitters, it is pretty damn cool. This woman is a volunteer at the hospital my MiL volunteers at and heard about Lady Bean and whipped her up the outfit. So nice. All the fiber though, it makes me want to knit. So I am thinking that instead of cleaning ... okay, I haven't been cleaning, that is a total lie, but it sounded better than "instead of listening to bad daytime television while I stare at Lady Bean to verify that she is still breathing." So, instead of doing other things I am going to set a goal of knitting five rounds on my sock a day. I won't break any speed records, but maybe, maybe I will finish the sock sometime this summer!

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