Friday, July 18, 2008

Open Your Eyes

So Lady Bean is still breast feeding. Well more like breast snacking, but whatever. You get the idea. And, since I am back to work, I've been pumping. I've told everyone in the office this, you know to give them a heads up, just in case. So. You'd think that since I have my own, non-shared, private office, this would be a pretty painless endeavor. You'd think the big NEON ORANGE (like, Hi, hunters wear this color so they don't get shot) sign posted at eye level would be a hint, a hint that you shouldn't walk in my office without at least knocking.

But no, you'd be wrong. One of the other lawyers just walked in on me and my pumping frankentitties (have you seen what a pump does to one's nipples? Frankentitties). Dumbass reads the sign, knocks and then, without waiting for an answer opens the door. The best part: when he knocks, I start yelling, "No! No! Nnnnnoooo!" and yet, he keeps opening the door and then looks around it to see me. Unreal.

So far my boobs have gotten more action at work (groped by boss, ogled by co-worker) than they do at home.

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