Monday, March 23, 2009

Um ... ?

Remember THE Christmas stocking? The stocking that I truly had a love/hate relationship with? And do you remember the designer of the stocking? The designer who thought I was a moron for wet blocking the stocking? The designer who was going to send me a replacement kit as an act of goodwill despite my supposed dimness? 'Member that? Well, last night as I was  lying   laying  lounging in bed, I realized ... FUCK GOOD WILL! She never sent me the stocking kit.

Also, and totally unrelated to the above, I think I may be stuck in the 90's.

Since when did $1.69 become a "GREAT PRICE" for a two liter jug of Coke? $1.69 is great? Really? That seems like a rip-off gas station/convenience store price to me. 99¢? Now that is a GREAT PRICE.

And also unrelated to both of the above, but lingering in my subconscious because of the use of the word "great" ...

Check out my baby's hair do!?! Now that is Grrreeeaaatt! I took that picture with my CrackBerry and didn't think the quality would be all that great (which it's not, obviously, no duh, I KNOW), so I busted out the "real camera." And yes, I use "scare quotes" because my camera is only real in the sense that it takes pictures. It is a point and click and not anything like the real deals that Stalkarazzi use and that I covet. But I digress, I busted out the camera that is only a camera and not a phone and yet, the pictures, still pretty phone like in quality ...

Anyway, I liked the hair do. It made me smiled but LB screamed her lungs empty when I made? crafted? concocted? placed? (what does one do to a ponytail?) the ponytail, and thus, it was loose and was undone before we left the house.

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