Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Recent song lyrics that made me say, WHAT?
  • I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.
  • Birthday sex ... Birthday sex ... It feels like, feels like... lemme hit that...g-spot g-spot.

Things I've said that made the me think, WHAT?
  • Please don't pet the cat on his butthole.
  • Spit out the dog food. Now!
  • Don't put the plug in your mouth.
  • Oh, I thought it was because you smelled like a stripper.

Facebook status updates I've thought but not published.
sub-category: scatological
  • I smell poop.
  • I need to poop.
  • My kid is trying to kill me with the smell of her poop.
  • A diet of 100% blueberries will give you navy/violet poop.

sub-category: I'm a bitch
  • People who post scripture as their status are unoriginal sheep.
  • I don't give a fuck about your weather.
  • You are not half as funny as you think you are.
  • I still don't give a fuck about your weather.


Jenn said...

I just heard the disco stick song in the car not even 10 minutes ago. I should have turned it off, but it was just SO BAD that I had to hear how the rest of it went.

Lisa said...

Kids always go for the pet buttholes ... I don't get it/