Monday, August 17, 2009

Bag n' Basil

I've been plugging away on my orange bag that I may or may have not previously mentioned ... a bag to hold the recycling that I actually take to the recycling place (as opposed to put out at the curb) so that I can get my nickles back. Nickles back from the state, as in cash money, not Nickle Back the religious band.

Anywho, I had a problem where every eight or so rows I would twist and turn and knit my yo before my stitch and though it was on the bottom of the bag, it still made my eye twitch which usually means RRRRRIIIIIIIPPPP. But this was the bottom of the bag where only grimy dirty bottles and cans would see, so ripping wasn't totally necessary, if I could only tinker down and fix it. Ha! For the life of me, I could not figure out how to tinker back and undo my goofs. I tried and was unsuccessful. Heck, I even sought help that was not helpful. Which, it turns out, is because I am a dummy! You see, the yo's were adding stitches every other row so even though it looked like the goof was on the first or second stitch, it wasn't. It was way down in there. I needed to ladder down at stitch ten or twelve not one or two ... and this is making NO SENSE. But let me just say that I was sitting in a comfy chair, with my feet soaking in a massaging, bubbling, pedicure bath while my husband worked on the computer on some boring work thing when TADA! The light bulb went off. Unfortunately, due to home remodeling projects, Boo and I were trapped in the same room and he was working and had told me I was only permitted in the room if I promised not to talk to him and so I was unable to share my TADA moment. But in my head? I did a cartwheel and let out a WHOOP! I was WAY IMPRESSED with myself. I mean WAAAAYYYY IMPRESSED. So, the light bulb went off, I figured out my goof and fixed one of them. The I fixed the other. Then I went to fix number three, then final goof, and hubris kicked my ass and somehow I unraveled something critical and the next thing you know, I am ripping back to the cast on row. Which, fortunately, I was able to salvage as I couldn't make the cast on work and someone else did it for me. The lesson being something along the lines of don't get so cocky or you'll take a cock in the ear. Well maybe not, but there is a lesson there. But all is well now, and I am plugging away and the bottom is no longer twisted and I am happy AND without an eye twitch. Score.

Speaking of score. With my bountiful basil I have had to branch out since pesto is yummy, and creamy pesto is yummier, but too much pesto is tedious. So, I branched out and made this salad and it was DELICIOUS! I suspect she has a real camera as her picture looked like that and mine looks like this:

Do not, however, let my crappy photograph dissuade you from making this salad, you know, if you are tomato-mozzarella-basil-salad inclined. It was quite good, both alone, and in leftover form as a topper to my steak. In fact, I am making more tonight!

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I love Julia's new food blog!