Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bling II

I never did my F.O. blog post on my pink sparkly sock because I didn't like how the pictures came out.

I kept thinking that I would ask my husband to take pictures of my socks but it never came up. Or, I would think of it when he wasn't home. Or, I'd think of it when he was mowing the lawn. You know, at all of those opportune moments.

And, at some point, I totally forgot that I had shitty pictures I wanted to replace. Then I broke my foot, got a sexy new shoe, and decided to wear hand knit socks every day and create a photo journal of them (which I will be posting because a) I am a dork; b) I am lame; c)'Cause I want to, so there!). It was about this time that I remembered that my pink sparkle socks were never photographed nicely and, being that my feet were two different sizes - pregnancy minor swell and broken shit major swell - the nice pictures were no more than a pipe dream. Which, kinda sucks but really, in the grand scheme of things? No biggy.

But then, because yes, I am a drama queen and there is always a BUT. THEN. But then, my sweet angelic little love child decided to play with the pink sparkle socks, and how could you blame her? Pink! Sparkle! Hello? But then, her play resulted in one being left under the desk in the office and the other being buried in a load of laundry. This might not seem like it is worthy of a BUT. THEN. but wait! BUT. THEN. My husband did that augmented load of laundry and the sock survived ... the pompom did not!

Now if I had actually done that F.O. post, this would be TEAR JERKING! You would know that:
a) This yarn was a left-over yarn swap for which I only had enough for one pair of peds;
b) Worried about yarn yardage, I was skimpy with the heel flap;
c) The skimpy heel flap was problematic as my shoes ate my sock after a single half an hour wear;
d) I MacGyvered a resolution ... POMPOMS! Pompoms prevented the shoe from eating the sock ... a very attractive speed bump, if you will;
e) Remember that yardage concern, well, post pompoms, I have no more yarn left over. None. Nil. Not one tiny fiber.

Had I finished that F.O. post, then I could have gone with my original post idea which was:

One of these things is not like the other ...

But alas, I did not. So you get a rambling post and I get to relive, through poor photography, how much I enjoyed those pompomed pretties! Oh, and in case you are curious as to what a pompom looks like when it comes out of the dryer ...

This is all that remained in our lint filter. Pathetic, eh? I'm not sure what I am going to do as I can't seem to bring myself to remove the other pompom. I loved those pompoms. For so long as I wear my gimp shoe, which I really hate, I can probably get away with the mismatched pompomedness, though the gimp shoe did eat my sock creating a uncomfortable and slightly painful situation. I suppose I could go out and buy more yarn, but $20 or so for a pompom, that seems a little excessive.

Until I decide, this is gonna be my F.O. post, but it might also be the R.I.P. post too.

Yarn: Berroco Sox Metallic in Guava, #1375.
Needles: Addi Circs, size 2.5 mm (US 1)
Pattern: Standard toe-up ped, using the cast on, toe, and heel mentioned here.
Time: Two weeks.
Care: Machine wash warm water. No bleach. Lay flat to dry. FOR THE LOVE OF COOKIES DO NOT PUT THIS IN THE DRYER!

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