Thursday, October 01, 2009


I'm writing today from the basement of my local hospital.* I'm here for an NST (a routine non-stress test for The Deuce) and not some calamity. Considering my luck, or lack there of, lately, clarification of my visit is probably helpful. Anyway, I'm here relaxing with my knitting and my CrackBaby and have a dilemma with my ugly recycling bag. Instead of making an actual decision, I thought I'd ponder my options out loud, well on the internet, via the itty bitty phone keyboard. In other words, I really am not feeling like making a decision. Part of my problem is that though the bag is indeed an ugly creation, I want to try and minimize the ugly.

At present, I have used two balls of yarn, one orange and one gray, and I have two balls of yarn left, again one orange and one gray. My dilemma is which of those to use next. Should I use my entire second ball of grey next, making the middle all grey; thus, having the bottom and top/handle all orange and not really striped. This might look unsymmetrical and odd (because the base of the bag is orange and only a row or two of the body part is orange and so when full, the orange on the bottom would be a lot less showy). Or, should I do orange next and have the top and handle all gray? This would be striped but may be striped in an odd way, again because of the only minimal orange at the bottom body part of the bag.

I realize that there is a third, and obviously least desirable in work involved, option. It would be to throw in some orange, say a round or two, then use all of the gray and finally finish up with more orange. This would add some orange in the middle balancing out the bottom and the top orange bits. I'm not sure I am slick enough to make the orange segments even, but they would be more even than with the other two options. I think. End-weaving wise, this would suck. So the question is, would the, albeit minor, aesthetic improvement be worth the extra effort. I'm not sure.

*But I am posting from home since I can't seem to post pictures to blogger via my phone. I am technologically unsavvy.

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Lisa said...

Option #3. You know that is what you are going to do anyway.