Thursday, October 06, 2011

The letter B

For some reason blogger has taken to hatin' on me. Holding posts in limbo for a month or more or just refusing to publish them. Hatin. On. Me. Perhaps from my lack of use? I'm sorry. Geez. Get over yourself. Someone else might go and block and copy and try to publish the fuked posts that way, but I am, apparently, not that someone. Which you know. Sad for you. They were AWESOME posts. Not.

Anywho, I am trying again to post. In a timely manner. So we'll see. And this post is brought to you by the letter B. As in ...

Juje and I were driving in the car and I hear her sweet little voice perk up from behind me, "Mom! I have a Bug!"

Me: You have a bug?

Juje: Yes! Wite he-uh (Right here).

She holds out her hand: Bug!

Me: You want me to take the bug?

Juje: Yes, take me bug!

Me: Uh, ok ...

I use my Go-Go-Gadget Gumby arm and reach my hand back behind my seat and body and blindly aim for her direction. We make contact, and I feel something in my hand. I bring my hand back to its normal position and realize ...


Juje: Yes, mommy! Bug!


MUDNYC said...

In your case, wouldn't you rather a booger than a bug?

A South Park Republican said...

True dat! Even butterflies creep me out.