Tuesday, April 10, 2012


In an attempt to woo the as of yet unborn boy child out of my womb and into the world, I decided to knit him a hat and booties. I mean come on, right? Handknits? Better than my dark lumpy insides. Right? In any event, the bootie pattern that I'm using will not work on two circs. I mean it. Will. Not. Work. Perhaps it is the pattern. Perhaps it is the smallness of the booties, which yah, I've knit baby socks before so I know this isn't true. Perhaps it is me. Whatever the reason, I'm being forced to use double point and Hi! Ho! They suck. I'm forever being poked and trying to maneuver around the stupid things. This is a true act of love I've got going on over here. You hear that Schickabibble? So come on out already!

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