Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Um, did you know, cats like to play with yarn? It's not just a stereotype. If your knitting is just out, chilling on the couch, watching some t.v., while you are away say, getting a drink, and you are not even knitting your knitting, your cute feline might still decide to make a toy of it.*

I told Cat that he was being a cliche, but he didn't seem to care. I was surprised by the fact that Cat had any interest in my knitting when it was not moving. Had I been knitting and the yarn moving all about say, like a cat toy, it would have made sense. But it was just sitting there. I am an idiot.

And, in other news of idiocy (idiocy that was NOT mine) ...
  • My local Attorney General has had the Charo Geico commercial banned because it was misleading. Is it just me or is this a colossal waste of time? Because, really, despite the fact that it was a commercial trying to sell me something, with Charo no less, I took each word as gospel.
  • The Democratic candidate wants to limit which candidates get to participate in the gubernatorial debates. Isn't this in opposition to what the Democrats are all about? I thought the Dems were suppose to be all inclusive.

* After Cat smelled the yarn (and I took a picture or two), I quickly removed him from my finery to prevent a recurrence of The Mess.