Saturday, September 16, 2006

Socks in the City

So I have my last gazillion dollar sock class today. Hypothetically, I should walk out with a completed sock. We'll see. Once the class is over I am training in to NYC! Yee Haw!

Sunday is the NYC Knit Out & Crochet. A group of us are going to check it out. It should be fun, I think, um, actually I am still unclear as to how it works, so I am trying not to think. And, because I am nice like that, I have spread my confusion around. Now other people are asking, "Yah, I don't know if we need a blanket to sit on. Does anyone know if we need blankets?"

Since I am adverse to leaving a post without a picture, I will leave a before of The-Not-A-Mess-Anymore Scarf.

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We'll see how much I get done at the Knit Out.