Friday, September 15, 2006

Not So Good

Remember how I loved the IG/BC brownies? Well, I decided to give her chocolate chunk cookies a whirl.

I got out all of my ingredients.

I opened the box and carefully read the instructions.

As instructed, I cut up the room temperature butter and put it in a mixing bowl.

I creamed the butter with my hand-held mixer.

I added a portion of the cookie mixture to the butter and mixed. Then, I added the egg and the rest of the cookie mixture and mixed some more.

Something went wrong though because the batter turned to glue and stuck to the beaters and the knife I was using to scrape it off the beaters.

I decided to keep going so I added the chocolate chunks and stirred them in by hand.

I used my scooper to make similarly sized cookies and loaded up the cookie sheet.

I baked them and let them cool, as directed, while I waited with my milk.

I expected my first bite to be heaven. It wasn't. They were okay, but in then end, I was not impressed. Don't get me wrong, I still would have eaten them but fortunately Boo brought them to work and his peeps ate them without complaint.

And, in other news, there are a few more things that I've eaten that could have killed me - or at least made me really ill:

  • salad with bagged spinach from Earthbound Farms a/k/a E.Coli Spinach
  • NYC street vendor hot dog
  • pumpkin spice muffin with cream cheese of questionable freshness
  • two day old room temperature pizza