Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Back In Business

We can flush our toilets! Run our water! Use our plumbing like
regular folks! It seems that after much digging,

(note the tree that is OUT and off to the side instead of back in the hole!*)

we had a "piece of lead" jammed in our main line.

Um, WTF?!? I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing ... is our plumbing falling apart piece by piece or did the previous owners have some shifty shit going on and now its fixed for good? I am hoping for the latter. But no one seems to know for certain. I'm also hoping the term "lead" was more of a vague decriptive thing implying "metal and heavy" and that it isn't REAL lead that will lead to LEAD POISONING! Let's get some perspective on just how big that thing is ...

(My foot? TEN inches long. Lead metal thing? TWELVE + inches long. Picture? Not very clear.)

Not only is my plumbing back in working order, so is my Scratchy Jaywalker! Why? Because my prayers were answered!

(My mailman actually rubber banded the package to the mailbox!)

My needles, they arrived! I also picked up some needles for my SP9 and I really kinda like them. I think I might have to add some to my birthday list!

* Me: Why in the hell couldn't they put the tree back? What, was it going to cost extra? Too much labor involved? Asses took the tree out they can put it back in. I'm totally calling them. Either that, or you are going to have to dig a new hole. Them = asses.
Boo: I told them to leave the tree out. Them = not asses.
Me: ??
Boo: smile
Me: I liked that tree. A lot. It had pretty flowers in the Spring. The nicest of all of our Spring flowering tress. You'll be digging a new hole for it then? Right?
Boo: Oh? I thought I had total control over the yard and you got inside decision control ... ?
Me: Uh oh! Um, yah, I guess. Shit, I'm gonna have to sacrifice a perfectly nice tree to prevent NYY memorabilia from taking over the house.
Boo: Do you want to renegotiate?
Me: Nope. Hi Rock! Let me introduce you to my friend Hard Place. I hated that tree anyway.

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