Monday, October 23, 2006

Hi Ho The Derry-O A Rhinebeck We Will Go!

I am happy to report that Rhinebeck was a success and my SnB peeps and I had a great time. There was knitting on the car ride up!

And there was beautiful weather when we got there.

My only objective was to get some STR yarn. I even had a favorite color in mind with a back-up or two or three. Well, apparently I wasn't the only one!

Have you ever seen those blurbs on the news about the hoards of women that line up helluh early to buy cheap wedding dresses and snatch up like 10 gowns at a time and then go through them to make a final choice? It was like that, only with yarn, and less blood shed. None of my color choices were available, but I found a few I liked. I even lucked out and got a navy skein that I thought was sold out. A friend and I both saw it and she was able to hurl it over the crowd to me - just in time - as I was the next person in line to check out.

Once I had my STR, I was open to going with the flow. I saw some things that scared me.

And, I saw some things that I really liked.

It is a good thing I was not our driver; otherwise, I would be the proud parent of a sheep, or a llama, or a border collie. I restrained myself and did not get any animals but I did get a neat glass pendant for which I need a necklace.

I didn't get any more yarn. In fact, about halfway through, I was quite yarned out. I found that I had yarn overload and it all started to look the same (the same thing happens to me at museums). I did find some nice bison and buffalo yarn which was heavenly soft and would have made a nice scarf for Boo but it was more expensive than cashmere so I decided to pass. I did not pass, however, on the great carni food. Say it with me FRIED ARTICHOKE!

After we finished at the festival, we hit Morehouse Farms, where we encountered a fork in the road.

Heh. The trip to Morehouse was slow going because of the traffic but it worked out nicely because the break was long enough for me to be ready for some more yarn. Yeah!

In the end, I was pleased with the yarn purchases - not too much but enough.


Claire said...

Don't mind one bit, my friend!!! :) LOVE your Purchases - I wish I'd gotten some STR, but next year, for sure. Also, next year? I'm doing the fest WITHOUT the Child - she wasn't too keen on the crowds, so next year she gets to play with the G'parents while I immerse myself in Yarny things. I wanted to see the Jacobs Sheep, but I couldn't find them - AAAHH!! :-)

Anonymous said...

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