Friday, November 10, 2006

Hoping For St. Nick

Blah Blah Blah and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care. Well, it is a bit early for that. Unless you are in the mall, in which case, Christmas seems to be like, oh, tomorrow, so buy stuff NOW, NOW, NOW! And speaking of premature C'mas stuff, what the hell happened to Thanksgiving? We had Halloween and C'mas stuff in the stores at the same time, but T'giving? Nada. In my effort to accumulate more stuff that will only have limited use and end up taking up space in the basement for the majority of its life span, I decided that I wanted a large, cute but nice, turkey cookie jar to place in the middle of the dining room table. An objet d'art if you will. It was one week post-Halloween and I was looking for this turkey o' mine at the Target. Ha! Turkeys? They don't need no stinking turkeys! You want some turkey decor for T'giving? You must craft it yourself. Can you imagine? Picture a huge knitted turkey cookie jar, in acrylic of course. The thought of this is making me twitch. Violently. Please forgive any typos.

I seem to have distracted myself, go figure. In any event, the Mc Scratchy twins, they're done! Finally.

As you can see, they are more fraternal than identical, but they look like a pair so I'm not complaining. Much. I mean, one month for one pair of socks? Yowsers! They still are a little scratchy (and now completely covered in both cat and dog hair after the photo shoot) but not so much that I won't wear them at least once before I wash them (like um, today, and so far, quite nice on the feet). I have decided I do really like the colorway, despite the peach. I also just learned that the colorway was designed by a famous artist, Hundertwasser. Am I fancy or what? For the last month or so, I didn't realize that the label was telling me this. It is all in Not-English and so I have no idea what the hell it says. I know. I know. Egotistical American only knows English, but even my five years of French classes and umpteen years of Miami Spanish ain't helping out a bit. In any event, the socks are a winner, despite my incessant moaning and groaning.

Yarn: Opal Hundertwassers, color: 956 Seeschlange, farbe(??): 1436, partie(??): 12, 1 skein
Needles: Knit Picks DPN, size 1
Pattern: Jaywalker
Time: 1 month
Care: Machine wash, no tumble dry, no bleach, iron on low (this one is especially important because I LOVE to iron socks), drycleanable with anything BUT trichloroethylene, and some other thing which I have no idea what it means but makes me think that this yarn is not appropriate for scuba diving. Yah, yah, I had to look up the symbols on my Not-English label to figure out most of them out, well all of them. All of them but the unknown possibly no-scuba-diving one. That was is not on the internet. Hrmph!


KnittingJones said...

I am suffering from serious holiday dread -- the thought of bringing out the lights, ornamentsm, knicky knacks ... I live in a small house (actually the top part of a barn), and there's just no room. I'm actually thinking of just decorating a tree outside with lights and have that be it!

And, with a new Wal-Mart Supercenter opening in town, I've drawn a line in the sand -- I can't do it. Christmas bombardment to the max!

Claire said...

Those socks are FABulous, truly!! LOVE the one of them on the cat - ROFL!!!

I am with you on the dearth of Thanksgiving items, btw - when we were in B&N the other night, I saw all the CD's on sale "for the holiday", and I asked the kid behind the counter if they were Thanksgiving Carols - 'cause that WAS the next holiday on the books, and it's kind of a BIG one in this country!!

He just kinda looked at me like I was nuts.

Which we know, I am.