Thursday, November 09, 2006

Birthdays Abound

Let's take a moment to honor the recipe creating ability of Nigella Lawson and the baking ability of Beatrix which, when they converge, make FABULOUS results. Yesterday was Beatrix' son's birthday and she brought a few cupcakes to our SnB gathering. Not only were they great tasting and great looking, they matched my knitting. I knew this was a sign that the cupcake and I were meant to be.

Yesterday was also Baby Girl's first birthday and we decided to throw her a surprise party. By "surprise party" what I mean is that Boo and I (um, really just me) wanted cake (I was unaware that I was going to be making love to enjoying the chocolate cherry cupcake of goodness), so we used this as a convenient excuse. The surprise factor was mostly there so that if we failed to actually get a cake, well then, she couldn't be disappointed by the lack of party now could she? Anywho, let me tell you, she was THRILLED.

NOT! (Yes, I am a child of the 80's/90's. Want to borrow my Z. Cavariccis?) And Cat, he was no better; he wouldn't even get out of bed to come celebrate. If you ever want to insure that your animals are NOT in that party spirit, place a cheap party hat on their heads and take pictures. Oh, and make sure to use the string part to hold the hat on so it won't tip off of the head easily.

We did manage to buy an ice cream cake (and by we I mean Boo, because hello, I suck at this whole birthday party planning thing), so the party was on. I figured that I would have to snap the picture of Baby Girl and her cake toute suite because she would eat it if I was not careful. WRONG! Baby Girl RAN from the cake; she cowered in the corner and stared at it with fear and loathing. What the hell? I didn't even place any candles on it. How is this possible? Um, someone needs to tell her she is a dog and thus by default should want to eat EVERYTHING. Cat was curious but even he didn't get too close.

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Claire said...

Happy Birthday, BabyGirl - Excellent taste in hats, I must say. No, Don't be afraid of the cake! The cake is Your FRIEND. The cake is goodness and light.