Friday, November 03, 2006


I've been a bit churlish lately. Several things have totally ticked me off, one of which was the leaves littering our yard. We hired a man to mow our lawn and blow our leaves after our new, less than a year old new, lawn mower died. Have I mentioned that our house sucks the life force out of all things both animate and non? That is another story for another time, but guys, just know that if you have something and you want it to break or die, you are more than welcome to come on over and watch your thing peacefully expire. But I digress. The yard guy. He comes out two times, maybe three, and mows the lawn. Does a decent job. Sends us a bill. We pay him. He comes out maybe twice more, and then poof, fucking gone. The leaves start to fall and he doesn't show. The leaves continue to fall, still doesn't show. We call and say, "Uh, hello? Leaves? You blow. We pay." He never calls us back. Leaves keep falling, we keeping hoping that maybe, just maybe, he is going to show up because hey, we hired him to do a job and he said he was going to do it. BUT NO. We have (idiotically) waited two weeks for the yard man and now are ass deep in leaves. The neighbors, they hate us. Not only do we look like the trashy folks on the block, our leaves blow over to their (formerly) clean yards and make a mess there.

Baby Girl, however, knows nothing about having to remove the leaves from the ground or being trashy and ticking off the neighbors, she just knows that leaves are fun to play in.

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