Monday, December 25, 2006

The Goods

My Secret Pal, she rocks! I got a SP package Christmas Eve and Boo put it under the tree before I could tear into it. Yes, yes, I was a good girl, I didn't even give it a shake. I waited. And, boy was it worth it! It was the first thing I opened after my stocking.

Can you say Lemongrassayumminess? Awhile back I mentioned that I wanted to get the STR yarn in lemongrass at Rhinebeck but it was sold out and so I got other colors instead. Well Santa a la my Secret Pal, she got me the lemongrass! Love it! Love it! Love it! I am so psyched that they are going to be my very next project. Not only did my package have yarny goodness, it also had the world's largest peanut butter cups! It was a Christmas miracle that my critters didn't eat that package during the night it was sitting under the tree because it had the world's largest peanut butter cups inside! It also had a really cool card. I likey.

Thank you Secret Pal! Ya done good!

My Secret Pal wasn't the only one who spoiled me. Boo, he rocked the holiday. He's been so patient with my medical crap and my melancholy, then he spoils me too. I am a lucky girl! I have feet duvets to keep my toes warm and a silver Empire State Building ornament to commemorate where we got engaged. I also was sent on a treasure hunt, with riddles and clues that took me on a tour of our house, that culminated in a little blue box perched on a branch of the Shamus, the Chirstmas tree. I was too excited, I may have even been jumping up and down, so there was no picture of the actual treasure hunt, but here is one of my goody!

I wasn't the only one who made out. Baby Girl did too!

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Anonymous said...

hooray! I'm so glad you got it for under the tree! happy holidays, your sp.