Thursday, January 18, 2007

Minutes Schminutes

Last night we got to talking about SnB meetings and taking minutes. I read out in the blogosphere how one group keeps very funny minutes for those who missed the gathering. This somehow mutated into me being told to remember "the minutes." Except, my memory? It sucks. Yah, in 1993 if I convinced you to ream out the valet parking guy at a Marlins game because some valet employee was chilling in you car, eating cookies, and jamming to your stereo and then left his cookies IN YOUR CAR. And I got you to slam those damning cookies down on the valet podium/key holder and bitch bitch bitch and then it turns out that this was all wrong and in fact the cookies were not some punk's leftovers but instead were a complimentary gift for VIP valet parkers, I might remember that. Or, if you proposed to me on top of the Empire State Building, I am all on that, well at least I remember it happened, even if I don't know the date. But regular stuff. Not so good at the memory. My memory of last night's SnB was something like this ...

Hi new British ladies! Yeah, you're back.
Must find book on GRE.
Must get coffee.
Yeah KAT is here. And so is .... (insert people)
Hey, does anyone know how to figure out the area of a triangle?
Yum, coffee.
Instructed on how to find area of a triangle by high school student/knitter.
OH GOD, I can't take the GRE.
More coffee, must have more coffee.
Area of a triangle my ass. Screw this, I'm knitting.
Knit sock top.
Beatrix embarrassed to steal chair from café; convinces TWG to go with her.
ropa interior = underwear
Another new person, yeah!
Pass C's new Knit Picks catalog around.
Bitch because sock too big.
Ropa Interior, rrrrrrrrropa interior, rrooooooooppppaaa interior, hehehehe
Show high school student/knitter how to cast-on stitches when work is already in progress.
Preen because hey, did you see that, I just taught someone something.
Laugh because I should not be teaching anyone anything. Area of a triangle?!? Shit.
Did y'all know there is a secret lake in Secret Lake?
Ponder ways to shorten sock.
Don't. Want. To. Rip. Sock. Again.
KAT named mostly likely to cut handknit item.
Hey! Someone else is frogging.
Damn, I am a bitch. I don't need solidarity in frogging. Bad Jenna!
Discuss types of coconut milk and the virtues of each.
Rrropa ... ha!
Rack brain for where I saw something about this coconut milk thing.
Start to "shorten" sock.

I could go on. These are not minutes. These are snippets of the internal dialogue of a crazy person. Also, I can't remember any of the good stuff. Mere hours ago (wimper I need more sleep), and I already have forgotten.


Beatrix Underwood said...

I motion to accept the minutes.

Rebecca said...

Motion seconded.

Claire said...

ROFL - You're Voted in, hon - Excellent minutes!! Oh, right...(Ahem) Motion to accept the minutes proposed, and seconded.ACCEPTED!! (bangs imaginary gavel on imaginary desk because, well, it just seemed like the thing to do.) ;)