Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Office Supplies Gone Wild

Since I have taken today as a day wherein I share my flakiness, I thought I would show you what I did to my hair earlier. As you may have noticed from the picture of my winter gear in the previous post, I wore a hat this morning. Said hat caused hat hair. Hat hair flopping in my eyes. I didn't have a clip in my desk (which is HIGHLY suspect because I ALWAYS have a three or four hair clips/barrettes/ponytail holders/chop sticks) so I had to make do. Normally this means a pencil. But, because of the hat, I was a little more staticy that normal and that was no good. So, I used a binder clip. I binder clipped the mop out of my eyes.

I can't decide if I should put this in the "I'm White Trash" column or the "I'm Bloody Friggen Brilliant" column. Either way, please forgive my unusually white pallor. I believe it is a side effect of the brown paneling surrounding me. In any event, I also have another little gadget that I use that is brilliantly white trash. I call it "Zipper's Little Friend." Actually I don't. I just made that up on the fly (get it? fly? zipper? I am so pun-ny! Not!). Anyway, it has no name. I have some jeans that I love, but the fly, it does not love to stay zipped. My fly is always down. I could relegate the jeans to the charity pile and let some other unsuspecting fool mess with it, but that would be mean, plus I love these jeans, they are comfy. One day I rigged the zipper with a black ponytail holder and it worked fabulously. Much more fabulously than the safety pin which had come undone and jabbed me in my white fleshy underbelly. Bastard safety pin, I hate you! I digress. Shocking right? So, the zipper. From that moment on I have used a black ponytail holder to keep my zippers up by looping the ponytail holder through the hole in the zipper and around the button. The ponytail holder stretches so you have some give if you need it, but not so much so that you show your girlie bits.

Since I don't have a black ponytail holder (as evident by my hair accessory du jour), I have used a rubber band to illustrate the soon-to-be-patented Jenna zipper thingamajig. Ya know, me and the office supplies, we might just give McGyver a run for his money.


Brena said...

Awesome jeans are way too hard to find! You can't donate just because of a little unzippage. Nice fix! My favorites are starting to get fuzzy around my butt... any suggestions for that? :)

Patty (knitgirl63) said...

I vote for "I'm Bloody Friggen Brilliant"!!