Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Minutes Schminutes, vol. 2

Our SnB last night was filled with much gravitas. As such, and in the finest tradition, I share the following minutes:

"Why is everyone talking and not knitting?" "We're talking with our hands."

The new "is the glass half empty or half-full" test ... Do you hear a vacuum or a blender? This was inspired from a conversation that went something like "Is that a vacuum?" "No, I think it's a blender - it reminds me of margaritas. I love margaritas, and daiquiris too."

Aphasia leading to "how you say?" said with a poor British accent, is an Axis III disorder. Not an Axis I or II which are reserved for the real nut jobs.

Pure Conjecture and Speculation: The Violent Femmes are broke, busted, and out of money.
Fact: Wendy's is using Blister in the Sun as the music for a commercial and this is BAD BAD BAD!
Fact: The lyrics are "blister" in the sun, not "twisted" in the sun. Though if you are messed up on H you may very well be twisted while in the sun.
Speculation: This is probably an Axis I or II disorder.

If you are living in a foreign country temporarily, and you find a very pregnant cat that you take in and then later has six kittens, do not name the kittens. If you do not name the kittens then you (supposedly) will not become attached and can give them away.

Pure Conjecture and Speculation, and Maybe Even a Rumor: Keith Richards use to have is blood cleaned because he used a lot of drugs.
Fact: Rich people should go to foreign countries and adopt many children. They should also have their own private dialysis machines to clean their blood. It's fun.

People in the forests wear "forest clothes."

Lunch meat is not a good breakfast food.

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