Monday, March 19, 2007

Nice Like That

Kay, a co-worker, received a death threat from a client. This isn't as uncommon as you might think. We often have clients threatening to kill us, maim us, or eat our internal organs. Normally nothing is done about the threats. Actually that's not true, sometimes we correct the grammar. Because this client made the threat to "outside people" and not just to someone in our office, the police are involved. So now Kay is going to have to go to meet with the detective (and how Law & Order, a/k/a A Top 5 Best Television Show Ever, is that? Having to meet with a detective! Heh). I offered to go with her, if the cop was cute/hot/sexy-in-a-mean-kind-of-way. I'm nice like that!

Also nice, if by nice you mean nice, but not so much, are my new Addis. Though they are nice, they are not really all that different than their non-lace counterparts. I have polled many a knitter, or um, three others, and after all gave close examination to both the lace and the non-lace needles, it was unanimously determined there was barely one millimeter difference in shaft length and the difference in pointyness was minimal. Oh and the red cord, pretty.

On the downside, however, there is some coating on the needles that is suppose to help with slippage but the only thing I could see that the coating did was turn my fingers black. After knitting with them for an hour or so, my thumbs and pointer fingers were blackened. The rest stayed clean but they don't touch the needles so much. It looked like I had been reading a newspaper.

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