Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hasta Le Bye Bye

Crazy touched me. Twice. I feel dirty and contaminated. But it's okay. I'm off on a jaunt to the spa. Heh! Today is our three year anniversary so the husband has booked us a room at Mohegan Sun and a day at the spa. I'm liking this anniversary stuff. My future holds a pedicure, some gambling, some massaging, hot tubs, swimming pools, pampering, a dinner out, breakfast in bed, and seven more rows of the sideways sock. Bet you weren't expecting the sock thing! Yah well I wasn't expecting Crazy to touch/pet/rub my arm. I wasn't expecting it once, and I sure as shit wasn't expecting it a second time after giving her the laser-beam-death-stare and jumping about twenty feet away. But I am not going to concentrate on the the fact that my arm is gangrenated. Grangrenated, is that a word? Fortunately it was the left arm and that one is shot to hell already. So, moving on.

I have seven more rows of the sock, and then it is time to seam her up and pick up some stitches for a toe. I am looking forward to the toe-stitch-picking-up because this will be the first time I've ever done this correctly. I am thinking I'll be able to get it done on the ride to the hotel. Maybe I can use the sock as a sign of how my gambling karma will go ... sock done, roll the dice; sock still in progress, get another massage.

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