Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Save the Cheerleader, Let Me Knit

This is what happens when you spend three days watching Heroes online. I'd heard good things about Heroes, but honestly thought the show sounded a little lame. Wrong! It is the opposite of a little lame. And, NBC in its crack pushing genius, put all of the episodes online for people to watch for free. Damn pushers! Needless to say, after getting through six episodes and two thirds of my sweater back on Friday, I was totally, completely, helplessly hooked. Hi, my name is Jenna and I'm a Heroesaholic. Now I've seen all eighteen episodes and knitted a twenty-six inch wide, twenty-eight inch long rectangle sweater back, and over half of one sideways sock. I am also now anxiously waiting the next freakin installment. Which, I think is in six muthafukin weeks?!? I am so hoping I am wrong on this because me, I've got an addiction, and I'm not sure I can go cold turkey!


Brena said...

OMG... isn't it the best show ever? I love it sooo much... it's so freaking awesome. Man, now I want to go back and rewatch all the episodes. :)

Anonymous said...

Save the cheerleader, save the world?