Thursday, April 12, 2007

Borg, Boobs and Beauties

Last night's SnB was um, interesting? We had spirited conversation, much frogging, and were swarmed by bees. Or were they the Borg? Were we being assimilated?

I actually took a "movie clip" when we were surrounded by twenty or so of these maroon clad people but am not computer savvy enough to figure out how to get it on this here blog. My bad.

Did B&N decide that it was tired of us taking the comfy chairs, the less comfy chairs, and all of the other chairs for our fibery pursuits and determine that we needed to be brought into the collective? I really don't know. Resistance may have been futile, but it was also minimal. I mean come on, we were knitting. Only time will tell. Should some of my fellow knitters have an undeniable urge to work a B&N register, or make some B&N lattes, then we'll know. Should we start knitting matching maroon sweaters, then we'll know. Should we program our cellphones to ring like the grocery store check out scannerbeepthingamajig, then we'll know. In the meantime, I am going to attribute my eye twitch not to assimilation but to the boob talk.

Earlier today I received a nice note from Linda about our breast feeding conversation last night. Thanks Linda, I really appreciated it. Y'all didn't offend me but I did feel like I was under attack. I am, however, use to being the voice of dissension and I do enjoy debate, so it didn't really bother me.

The vast majority, or um, every single person there but me, felt like breast feeding in public, out in the middle of things, was fine and all the people around the breast feeders should lump it or leave it. Screw them and their discomfort. I disagreed. I was frustrated though because it seemed like people weren't listening to what I was saying and instead were making assumptions about why I feel the way I do. So, in an attempt to explain myself and put the matter to rest, or as much rest as you can when one of your fellow knitters is pregnant, I am hereby declare this my official position on Breast Feeding In Public ...

I am not anti-breast feeding. I am not pro-bottle. I am not anti-boob. I am not Ms. Victorian anti-nude. I like boobs, artistic nudes, non-artistic nudes and even porn. I do not live in a cave. I was not raised in a science lab. My family has breast fed. All of my friends in my age group that have children have breast fed. I think it is your choice on how you nourish your child. If you want to bottle feed your baby milk and honey, knock yourself out. I don't care. It is your choice, though I do think breast feeding is a good idea. I do not, however, want people to breast feed right next to me. I do not like when women breast feed in the middle of a public area. If you want to go into the back of a store/restaurant/etc. where you are tucked away and have a modicum of privacy? Great. Go for it. I have no problem with that. Just don't do it next to me when I am in the middle of eating my meal, buying my shoes, etc. Breast feeding is not the same as bottle feeding. It's just not.

If you disagree with me, that's fine. But don't tell me my opinion is not valid simply because we disagree. Don't tell me that I am uninformed or uneducated because we disagree. Being around more breast feeding women will not change my mind. Having children will not change my mind. Further, I think that it is pure hypocrisy to say that breast feeding is one of the most intimate things between a mother and child, that it creates a unique and special bond, but then say that it is nothing special and people who don't want to sit by you while you do it just need to deal. Either way, I acknowledge the intimacy, I don't, however, want to be a spectator to it. Um'kay? Also, I still love you guys even though you want to whip your boobs out all over the place.

So now moving on to something that won't start or continue a shit storm, do you see my sock?

It is like an embryo now. Okay, what the hell is with all the baby references? (Coincidentally, as I was typing that sentence one of my friends sent me an e-mail that he and his wife are knocked up again - Congrats Dee!). Anyway, let me try this again. It was not like a zygote, it was like a larva. It is not now like an embryo, it is like a chrysalis. Bug imagery. Better. I finally settled on a pattern. Well by settling on, I mean it turned out I had 34 stitches cast on each needle and this is was the pattern that worked with out too much math. So I settled on Anastasia. TWG is working on them too, so it will be nice to have someone to help me when I'm all, "Why the hell are these too big?" Because you all know I am going to have a "Why in the hell are these too big?" moment.

And um, speaking of "Why in the hell is this sock too big," when I stretched it out to take the picture so you could see my two little rows of eyelet, it kinda looked a little large. Dammit!


Claire said...

I forgot to ask, have you tried socks on DPN's yet?

Suz said...

I agree on your take of the breast feeding debate....

A South Park Republican said...
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A South Park Republican said...

i've done dpns and they are okay but i don't think i knit as fast with them because you have all of that needle changing going on.

A South Park Republican said...

and suz, that is one more reason you need to move to ct :)~

lindsey starr said...

about the breastfeeding.... I didn't disagree with you. I did hear what you were saying, and totally get what you have issues with, and understand it too. Although, I agree, I don't think anyone else there "got it" about your feelings. But just wanted to let you know I understood you :)

okay, and they swarm of bees was totally crazy!