Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Funday

Yesterday was Easter, in case you somehow missed it. I've always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with the day. I mean I love me some chocolate and candy and sugary yumminess, but I hate that everything is closed. For like four years in a row, I found myself at the mall, staring at it in sadness, wondering why in the heck it was closed. There was an extra sense of absurdity as I would sit in the empty parking lot in that I never really went to the mall and the one day I did decide to go was one of the rare days that the place was closed.

Anywho this year, knowing in advance that the mall would not be an option, I made other plans. There was the whole sleeping in thing. Then there was a trip to the park with the husband and the dog. A trip to get some coffee. A plan to watch the brand new Sopranos and Entourage. Oh there was also dinner out. Somehow though, in my planning, I forgot to pencil in "being staked out by the police."* Odd how I missed that. You see, it turns out if two heathens have nothing better to do, and decide to go swing on swings or play on the jungle-gym, and the heathens are "adults" then the police get suspicious. They may first do a couple of drive-bys where the two cops in the car stare at the heathens, hoping to intimidate them off of the playground equipment. If that doesn't work, they may park their car, and stake out the heathens' locale. If the heathens move to a different part of the playground, the cops may move their car so that they can see better.

But don't worry, I, a heathen extraordinaire, did not let the police ruin my fun. No sirree. I swung on the swing (higher than Boo, go me!), I slid down the slide (having my hips wedge me into a sudden stop at the bend of the slide, not so fun, and slightly embarrassing having it happen in front of two cops and your husband), I teetered on the totter, and I even climbed a kid sized rock wall (which, in the future when I retell this story, will turn into a full adult sized rock wall which I scaled with skill and stamina that impressed even the cops who were observing my nefarious actions). I also went on this crazy ass thing that has no name that I know. It is a tall moving pole, that is bent, with a disk-platform thing that is about three feet off the ground. You stand on the disk-platform and your weight makes the pole swing mad crazy fast in circles and back and forth. Should you ever see one of these, you have to get on it. It is awesome. Be prepared for much (slightly hysterical) laughter, and maybe a head injury as you slam your noggin into the pole.

While at the park, but before we were on the police radar, we decided to take Dogbert for a walk. While we were walking we found a random tennis ball. Not one to let a great opportunity pass (despite the chance of the contracting the dreaded "biogerm" something Boo could not define but swore was bad and cause our dog to turn all mad cow), I decide to grab the ball and see if Dogarella would play fetch. Since she never plays with balls, and kind of sucks at the fetch thing, I didn't have high hopes. Turns out, however, that the biogerm makes fetching and chasing the tennis ball great fun. We even managed to wear her ass out:

* You'll also note that I did not plan on any knitting. I thought about it. But I'm at one of those times where I don't know what to do next. I gave up on the sideways socks (I'm convinced that that pattern will never work well for a normal human sized foot) and gave the yarn to my friend. Hopefully, for her sake, the hex is solely with the pattern and not with the yarn. I have the shawl that I dug out from last year that I finished. It just needs some tassels which I am putting off because tassel making? Ick. I have the kangaroo sweater, which I have done a few rows on every now and then. But that is it. I could get out the top down sweater, but it seems too hot for sweaters. That leaves socks. Which is great. But what sock? I can't seem to decide. I've looked at the Anastasia sock and the Mata Hari sock because I think either might do well with very variegated yarn, and women in my SnB are making or have made each, I like them both. But I can't decided. They kinda look a lot alike to my eye so maybe I just need to draw a name from a hat.

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Claire said...

LOL - I'm glad you didn't get arrested for having too much fun, anyhow. :)