Monday, April 30, 2007

First Things First

Geee-aawwwdd! Y'all are impatient for some news on The Dinner. My inbox is seeing more action than Wilt Chamberlain. Unfortunately my job, they expected me to get some work done today. Insane, I know. Also, I have two finished projects to share. And my knitting, better than The Dinner. Not that The Dinner was bad. It wasn't. The birthday bat, not used to kill anyone. You're just gonna have to sit through my knitting first. Waahaha.

So, the Anastasia socks? Done! They were a pretty quick knit. Despite my weird thing. The weird thing that I did to plain rows of knitting on the sole of the foot. Yes, that would be the easy part that I did my weird thing on. Twice. Once on each foot. I'm awesome. The only reason I noticed anything was awry was because one stitch in a row was off color, e.g., a green stitch in the middle of a navy row. It isn't a dropped stitch. It's like I ... I dunno. I don't think anyone really knows what it is. Other than weird. K.A.N. fixed it when I saw it the first time. The second time? I noticed it as I was binding off. Too late.

Speaking of bind off. I followed the directions and did an EZ's sewn cast off. Love it! It is easy, pretty and stretchy. A total winner!

Disregard my asshole cat's reluctance to be a model and his running from my socks as fast as his stubby legs could take his seventeen pounds of fun. And disregard his look of pure hatred. The socks are nice. He's just a cat, and well, not down with the modeling of the handknit sock.

The socks were a lot of fun to knit, and the directions easy for me to follow. It was a little fussy moving your eyelet rows when they moved from front to back or vise versa. But not too fussy. Speaking of fussy, I think this yarn might be a bit too fussy for these socks. The eyelets are kinda jarring in the stripeyness of this yarn. It makes me think that the socks look broken. Or something. I liked the yarn. Though I did have a hard time making the colors come out in a way that I liked. This yarn and this pattern probably weren't meant to be (but it's too late now). In fact, I think I might wear the socks inside out because the colors on the inside kinda look better to me. Maybe that was my cat's issue. All the stripeyness clashed with his fur.

If anyone is thinking about making these, I totally recommend them. I would say you should do one whole sock at a time. I did my normal both-socks-at-once-piece-meal thing and that threw me a few times. Inevitably my spirally eyelets turned into a traffic sign when I switched to work on the other sock.

Yarn: Artyarns, color 140, 2 skeins
Needles: Addis, size 1
Pattern: Anastasisa Socks
Time: Two and a half weeks.
Care: Hand wash, dry flat.

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