Wednesday, May 23, 2007


What do we have here? Why yes, that is my new personal office air conditioner. I have to tell you that this thing is ginormous. Every time I look at it I laugh. Even Mr. Cool giggles when he sees it which should tell you something because he is not a man prone to fits of giggles. Based solely on appearance, this is going to exceed any of my personal cooling needs. Even I, Senorita Overheat, don't get that hot. In fact, right now it's been on for mere minutes and I am a bit chilly. I had to put on some socks, my Queen Kahuna socks, to warm up the toesies. Not that this is bad. I now have the option to be cold and this is good. I don't want people to think it wasn't necessary and take Mr. Amana away. We're just getting to know each other. That would be horrible. Since it is so cool, I pulled out me wee little Monkey thinking that some strenuous knitting might get my blood flowing. But, eh, not so much.

There might be some subversive reason that the knitting didn't make me all warm and fuzzy. I have a confession to make. I'm just not in love with my monkey. In fact, I am thinking about taking George Michael's advice and setting my monkey free. Don't get me wrong, the pattern is fun to knit and I am liking the creative process. But the result? Pfiffle. I find that I like the monkey socks better when the are only mildly stretched. Just barely blocked out. Not totally stretched like they are on a foot. This monkey that I am working on is plenty big this go around, so it's not as if it has to stretch to within a millimeter of its life or anything. It's just that when I put him on ... not so much. It might be the stripeyness of the yarn. It might be something else. I dunno. So I fear that I am back to the drawing board when it comes to socks for my pal. But I'm not gonna sweat over it. Heh.

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Brena said...

I like my Monkey just a little unblocked too. I think it was the yarn I used, alternating stripes every other row... eh.