Wednesday, May 09, 2007


My uncle has a little white poodle named Precious. When he and my aunt named the dog, I just about lost it I was laughing so hard. Think about this for a moment. Think Silence of the Lambs. You with me?

Well, they might not have been down with the movie, but the name, it is sort of apropos. This dog is a mess. I knew he had a favorite toy - a bunny rabbit - which he had chewed to shit, so being the nice person that I am, I brought him a replacement down. As you can see here, the top one, nice and pretty, the bottom one, bald and shitty.

Well Mr. Cutey-Patooty-Puppy-Dog grabs a hold and starts to play in his cute, I'm a little small dog way. Nothing seems to out of whack. He's playing. He has a tuft of bunny fur on his chin. But nothing crazy. I (foolishly) think it is all cute and sweet the way he shakes his head and carries on.

But you know what they say, it is all fun and games until someone loses and eye ... or a tail, an ear, part of a leg, and some stuffing.

In one day that dog had the new toy almost as broken in as the old one. Precious my arse!

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KnittingJones said...

With my dog, it's stuffed pigs. Alice bites the eyes off every piggie I bring home. So now I have a colony of blind pigs!