Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Holy Yarn Batman!

So I'm home. I like being home. I get to love on the husband and animals. But Miami, it was awesome. And hot. Very, very hot. I kinda miss it (except for the hot part).

On Sunday, I got to catch a baseball game at my alma mater. We won by like 100. Typically when I go to a Hurricane sporting event that is not football, we lose. By a lot. But not this time. I was so excited by the win that I tried to get a picture of me and the Miami Maniac. It turns out that his huge fuzzy head took up the entire space. Or I suck as a photographer. I shall choose to believe it was his big head that was the culprit. You see that sliver of a person on the right? Yah that's me! I look good huh?

I also took a picture of the sock I was working on. I had it in my purse and thought, hmm, let us give this knitting in public a try at the game. But the minute the wool hit my fingers, I started to melt. I decided a picture would be better. The sock picture though, it is a bit of a dud (too) because the guy at the plate ready to hit? On the other team. Yeah me.

Lest I mislead you, my trip wasn't all sunshine and baseball. Oh no. There was sunshine and yarn. A whole bunch of yarn. My uncle and I destashed my aunt's stash and HOLY SHIT! She had bags and bags and bags (and bags - to the infinity power) of yarn. I didn't even go through all of the bags. I'd just take a peak and put it in the yarn-to-be-shipped pile. When we finally got all of the bags out and lined them up, my uncle looked at me and said, "Hmmm. I think I need to go charge the battery on the Bronco. This will never fit in my trunk."

Turns out he was right. It was a good thing he charged that battery because we ended up needing all of the space. There is one bag that had suede ribbon and a fur coat. But the rest ... yarn. Lots and lots of yarn. Some of the yarn was in UFO form and there are maybe ten partially completed sweaters. Most of it though, just balls of fun waiting to be stitched.

Once we got to the pack and ship place, we started to carry it all in and box it up. Multiple people asked if I had, or was opening, a store. I scared them with the large amounts of yarn. It took a little over an hour for three people to unload the car and two people to pack the boxes. In the end I had nine big boxes. I'm not sure what I am going to do when it all gets here. I may have to take a guest room and convert it into a yarn room.

At this point the sheer quantity of yarn is a bit overwhelming and I haven't been hit by the melancholy my-aunt-should-be-knitting-this-I-hate-you-cancer stage. I suspect that will come. But for now, I am just looking forward to opening each box and each bag to see what really is inside.

After we shipped everything off we felt pretty good about ourselves. We returned home and decided to put together my uncle's stereo. As we were putting away the the turn table component box, I noticed some other boxes tucked up high in a corner. Boxes labeled "alpaca" and "wool." I said, "Umm. Huh. I think we may have missed something." Needless to say, that is when the delirious laughter started. We never did check those boxes. We decided to wait until my next trip. Instead we cleaned up and went out for dinner and a nice frozen concoction.

Now I'm home and planning for my next mini-vacation. I got a lot of sock knitting done on my plane flights so I have to start thinking about what is next on the needles. Since we are driving to Joisey to see the MiL for Mother's Day, I will have tons of car knitting time. Maybe I'll work on the Kangaroo Duo sweater. Nah. Who am I kidding?

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Claire said...

WOW, in one fell swoop, you have achieved S.A.B.L.E.!!!! I'm sure your Aunt wants you to enjoy the yarn, so DO it...and regale us with stories & pics when you unpack! :-)